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You won’t find any set travel dates or package trips here, we specifically design every trip which is scheduled around your personal interests and needs. We want to give you the most memorable and rewarding luxury holiday possible, and we’ll work one-to-one with you to curate an itinerary that exceeds your hopes and expectations.


The Indian culture and heritage has grown and modernized to also become one of the world’s largest, rapidly growing economies.
We organize Undergraduate Field Trips, Undergraduate Special Interest Tours, Study Tours combined with cultural tours. We help the Universities around the globe in creation of custom designed India study tour programs that promote awareness and understanding of TNW (The new world)

If you have a passion such as culture, history, yoga, photography, cooking, or collecting art. We have a network of locals that spans the entire sub-continent, and it allows us to arrange unique luxury travel experiences based around your interests.Wherever you travel, we can organize special cooking classes with chefs, learn basic yoga from the experts, scholar guides to enhance your private luxury travel.


We will always ensure that you have the exceptional adventures to make your travel unique and special. In India, you’re catapulted straight into vibrant colours. Even the glorious old architecture is vividly draped, from the sun reflecting off the Taj Mahal to the Royal Pink City of Jaipur. This is the incredible backdrop, the charming exterior that hangs over a population delighting in bringing vitality and vibrancy to everything. You may witness a painted elephant or well-groomed camel walks past and if you visit the local market which may reveal a thousand flamboyant saris.Our inside connections ensuresthat these extraordinary luxury travel opportunities are always a part of our itineraries no matter where you decide to go.




At TNW Travel, we don’t want you to just see our New World, we want you to immerse you in all its magic and beauty. If you are planning a family holiday, jungle safari, honeymoon, or solo journey, a cultural tour across Bhutan’s pristine beauty or peaks of Nepal, or Whales in SriLanka, we will create your royal travel experience that will stay along with you ever.Our new world is waiting for you to explore it. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan your inspirational, luxury travel journey.



Your vacation in India should be a thrilling, stress-free experience and we are confident our experience and enthusiasm will help you make the right decisions.


We have a committed team preparing flexible tailor-made luxury holidays to suit all budgets and tastes.


To enable us to meet your expectations we strongly recommend that you begin the holiday process with a free consultation by phone or Skype video call.

Value and commitment


Our highly-trained team plan your holiday in Indian Subcontinent – and we are always only a phone call away whenever you need us.


Satisfied customers


We rely heavily on referrals by satisfied guests. Read our feedback and find out how highly we are rated by our guests who travel with us.


Expertise and experience


We do not just visit India occasionally, whizzing around the island to check out a few new hotels. Our dedicated and talented Sri Lankan team know the country intimately.


We are always eager for new discoveries. We work ceaselessly to provide the profiles, the pictures, and the assessments that we know you need to rely on.


Fair policy on refunds


TNW Travels voluntarily returns all recoverable cost, above and beyond our Booking Conditions, in the event of all cancellations.


Flexibility and independence


We always strive to tailor your itinerary to your exact wishes. Whether you are looking for a full holiday package or just a night in a favourite hotel, we will provide knowledgeable and independent advice and committed personal service.


Supportive relationships


We are highly respected by our suppliers, who value our commitment to building fair-minded relationships at all times.


An unrivalled range of tours


Luxury tours: an enticing selection of opulent villas, stylish hill-country retreats or boutique hotels.


Sports holidays such as cricket golf, cycling and horse safaris and camping.


Nature holidays such as wildlife safaris, Himalayan treks, birdwatching or fishing.


Adventure holidays that might take you surfing, hot-air ballooning or white-water rafting.


Weddings and honeymoons.


Holidays in accommodation ranging from exclusive villas and boutique hotels to hill-country bungalows, family beach hotels.


Cultural holidays that avoid the major tourist destinations and staying at rustic village experience.


Financial stability



We are financially stable with no loans or debts.


We have a proven ability to adjust to good times and bad.


We have supportive relationships with suppliers that benefit us in challenging times.


Reduced risk of fraud



Credit/debit card payments are made on our secure online payments system.


We operate under a clearly-stated anti-fraud code to protect your personal information to the fullest extent and never share your information with third parties.


Responsible tourism




We campaign for responsible tourism, oppose sharp practice and support Indian charities.


We are associated with Brothers NGO looking after the unprivileged children.


We hope to see you soon.


The TNW Travels team